Keep Your Veterinary Practice Open

Your clinic is committed to providing the best care possible for your customers and their beloved pets. That could all stop tomorrow if you get hit with Ransomware or a cyberattack.

If your clinic relies on electronic data and has access to the internet, you need a cybersecurity plan. Cybersecurity is different than IT because it focuses on protecting your data from threats on the internet. Lighthouse will help you identify your risks and keep your clinic data safe.

Ask yourself:

  • Is your staff trained on the latest and most common user targeted attacks?

  • Do you allow staff to check personal email on clinic computers?
  • How are you sure that your data, on-site and in the Cloud, is protected from unauthorized access?
  • Has your SaaS provider (e.g. IDexx, eVetPractice) supplied you with verification that they meet your security needs?
  • Do you know if your network is compliant with privacy laws and payment card industry requirements?
  • Do you have people watching your security 24×7 and ready to respond when an event occurs?

Lighthouse can train your staff, develop a cybersecurity plan, and ensure that your connections to 3rd party partners are secure. Ask us how.