Industries We Protect

Higher Education

Colleges and Universities have always been a difficult environment to secure. There is an openness that is required to foster the learning environment but there is also a lot of sensitive information that needs to be protected. Add on the quick transition to almost 100% online learning and you have some serious challenges. To tackle this, Lighthouse is helping educational institutions adopt and implement a tried and true cybersecurity framework to help them structure their security programs and build a roadmap to success.

Dental Clinics

Dental clinics and their supply chain are under increasing legal and political scrutiny to protect the privacy of personal information on their patients. They must also comply with several regulatory compliance standards such as HIPAA, PIPEDA and PCI. This sensitive data also makes them a prime target for hackers. The complexities of the clinic environments, and the need to continue to support legacy technologies have created a unique set of risk management and privacy challenges within the industry. Lighthouse has been working with our dental clinic customers performing security controls audits, 3rd party risk assessments and penetration testing to ensure their clinics and customer data are safe.

Veterinary Clinics

Vet clinics face many of the same regulatory and compliance challenges as other healthcare industries. They care for the “other” family members and often need to take their practice on the road to make house calls. The clinics are a unique combination new and old technologies. The lab and testing equipment is often state of the art and the x-ray machines require legacy support. This mix of old and new requires some extra care and attention to keep them safe and that is exactly what Lighthouse does. We understand the unique requirements of our customers to ensure their security and IT needs are met.


2022 and now moving into 2023 has seen a shift in the way people work and the construction industry is no different. Many companies are investing into technology to not only make their operations run more efficiently but enabling a remote workforce. Cloud adoption has been on the rise as has mobile computing to make working at the job site more productive. Lighthouse has been able to help construction companies find the right solutions to achieve their business goals while reducing their cybersecurity risk. Win-Win!

Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is one of the newest and fastest growing industries in Canada. As cannabis cultivators become increasingly dependent on online automated systems for water, nutrients, lighting, etc., it’s only a matter of time before professional hackers take advantage. These same hackers can also go after dispensaries, stealing customer info and sales data before locking up point-of-sale systems. Ransomware has already arrived in some high profile Cannabis attacks in Canada. The good news is that defending this attack is one of Lighthouse’s specialties.

Cannabis Cybersecurity

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