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Our technology experts are committed to enhancing your business operations and driving productivity and business growth. With a full range of cutting-edge technology solutions, Lighthouse enables effortless collaboration and seamless communication across your organization. From increasing efficiency to boosting morale, our collaboration and digital workplace solutions help businesses stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. Invest in your organization’s success and take the first step towards a streamlined, productive workplace with Lighthouse.

Collaboration and digital workplace model

Collaboration & Digital Workplace Technology Selection Processs

At Lighthouse, we understand that successful technology adoption requires the right selection of tools, effective implementation, and consideration of the value proposition of the chose solutions for your company

We offer two main solutions to address the challenges of modern workplaces:

Team Collaboration Tools

Every company needs a reliable communication infrastructure that is frictionless and of high quality. Collaboration among team members requires effective tools, and all data transfers between team members must be secure. Additionally, managing data storage and access in a digital environment can be a challenge, as some resources are shared between team members. At Lighthouse, we provide the right tools and solutions to overcome these challenges and facilitate seamless collaboration

Team Productivity Tools

Effective team management requires project management, task management, reporting processes, and specific productivity tools to manage employee time and productivity. Role and responsibility management and providing the right access based on roles and responsibilities is also crucial. At Lighthouse, we help businesses improve team productivity by providing the right solutions and tools.

What We Do

Collaboration and Workplace Strategy

Our team works with you to develop a comprehensive strategy that considers your business goals, workforce, culture, and technology infrastructure. We’ll identify the right tools and solutions to improve collaboration, communication, and productivity across your organization. Our strategy will help you optimize your digital workplace environment to achieve your objectives.

Microsoft 365 Migration and Implementation

We help our clients select the right technology stack based on their unique needs. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and can recommend the best technologies for each project.

Cloud and Storage Services

Our cloud and storage services provide secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions that ensure your data is always accessible and protected. We’ll help you choose the right cloud provider and implement storage and backup solutions that meet your business requirements.

Windows Upgrade and License Management

We’ll help you upgrade to the latest version of Windows and manage your licenses to ensure compliance. We can also provide guidance on the best practices to manage Windows in your digital workplace.

Corporate Intranet and Internet

We’ll design and implement customized intranet and internet solutions that align with your brand and support collaboration and communication within your organization. Our experts will work with you to identify the right features and functionality to meet your business requirements.

Workspace Identity & Security

Our identity and security solutions provide a comprehensive framework to protect your digital workplace environment. We’ll help you manage user identities, set up access controls, configure security policies, and implement monitoring and threat detection solutions.

Workspace Application Setup

We’ll help you set up and optimize your workspace applications to improve productivity and collaboration. Our experts will provide guidance on the best practices to use the tools and customize them to meet your specific needs.

Tools Adoption and Training

Our training and support services ensure your team is fully equipped to adopt and effectively use the tools and solutions we implement. We’ll provide comprehensive training materials, user guides, and support to ensure your team can get the most out of your digital workplace tools.

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MS 365/Azure AD at Manufacturing Level


MS 365/Azure AD at Manufacturing Level

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