Managed Security

Ransomware is the #1 threat to all businesses big and small. Our managed security platform and solutions are designed to combat all common cybersecurity attacks but most importantly ransomware.

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Our Managed Security Process

24 x 7 Protection

Enhanced around-the-clock security detection and quick response to prevent common attacks such as ransomware.

Email Security Solutions

Over 90% of attacks start with an email which is why we will we will protect your email with the latest and best protection available.

Synchronized Security

Our firewalls, wireless access points, cloud monitoring, email gateways and endpoint solutions work together to ensure we have you covered no matter how they try to get in.

Business Resiliency

Downtime is often caused by a failed server or human error. We have backup solutions that can restore your systems and data in minutes whether they are in the cloud or in your office

Why Lighthouse?

When it comes to protecting your business, experience matters. Lighthouse has over 25 years experience protecting and securing networks of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business or mid-level market organization, we’ve got you covered.

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