Cyber Security Webinars

Top Cyber Threats Facing Businesses Today with Kevin Bobroske

Learn about cyber threats such as ransomware and business email compromise and how you can defend against them with Lighthouse president Kevin Bobroske.

How to Introduce and Build a Cyber Program for Your Business with Marc Speed

Learn about how to get started with your cyber program, challenges you might face, how to conquer them, and more with Marc Speed, owner of Timberwolf Information Security.

What Happens After You’ve Been Hacked with Dwayne Robinson

Dwayne Robinson, a global director of incident response, discusses what happens during a cyber attack, shares horror stories of real life businesses that have been hacked, and what the aftermath of an attack looks like. 

Top Techniques Hackers Are Using and How to Stop Them with Vernon D’Souza

Cybersecurity expert and keynote speaker Vernon D’Souza discusses the most common techniques hackers are using to get into the networks of a business and what you can do to stop them.