Get a Cybersecurity Audit and

Risk Assessment.


Pinpoint and neutralize potential weak points in your systems.

Cybersecurity audit and risk assessment

Cybersecurity Audit.

Risk Assessment.

We’ve Got You Covered.

Pinpoint and neutralize potential weak points in your systems.

Cybersecurity audit and risk assessment

Audits That Impress Stakeholders: Securing Your Business’ Financial Future

Our expertise ensures that your business is well-prepared. Our proactive approach guarantees you are armed with the most comprehensive and precise assessment for your company’s protection.

IT Consulting

Boost Confidence & Compliance

By meeting industry standards & best practices, you showcase your commitment to data protection & regulatory compliance, strengthening your reputation & relationships.

data protection icon

Save Time &


By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities promptly, you avoid the financial implication of potential data breaches, legal issues, and reputational damages.

Strategic Planning & Execution CXO Consulting Service

Tailored Strategy For Enhanced Security

You receive a security strategy that is not only effective but also aligned with your goals, industry, size, & technology landscape.

What We Will Do For You

  • Audit Planning: Develop a clear plan and scope for the technology and security audit

  • Assessment Execution: Conduct comprehensive assessments of technology and security measures
  • Gap Analysis:  Identify gaps between current practices and industry standards
  • Remediation Guidance: Provide recommendations and strategies to address identified weaknesses
  • Audit Report Preparation: Prepare comprehensive audit reports for stakeholders and investors

What Our Customers Are Saying

Charge Solar Customer

“Our experience with Lighthouse has been rewarding in that we now have a partner we can trust to manage everything from our setup to our infrastructure to our scalability as we take our next level of growth and take our next steps in our company’s development.

Rob Milliken, HES PV
Victoria Roofing Customer

“We feel very honoured and thrilled to have Lighthouse working with our company. They come highly recommended. They’ve worked with very high calliper companies and they give us the same quality that they would give those companies. If you’re looking for a company that’s going to provide excellent security, technical support, and great customer service, Lighthouse ticks all those boxes and we highly recommend them ”

Sandra De Medeiros, Victoria Roofing
123 Dentist Customer

 “I know many of the individuals working there from prior lives and I trust that Lighthouse brings to me that extra level of expertise that I can use as an extra layer over top of the day-to-day IT guys that I already have.”

Bruce Cumming, 123 Dentist

Let’s Get Started.

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