3rd Party Risk Assessment-1

Companies are using more cloud applications and 3rd-party service providers to manage their core business functions. There is an assumption that they have your data protected but that isn’t always the case. Microsoft and AWS both have a “shared security model” as do many other service providers. This is your business data and no matter where it resides it is your responsibility to protect it.

Businesses are now rethinking supply chain and 3rd-party risk and selecting partners that have the required cybersecurity controls in place. We’ve seen some high-profile breaches including 3rd-parties (including MSPs) that have caused significant hardships to customer businesses. They are a big target for hackers because they know they can compromise 1 business and gain access to hundreds or thousands more. Don’t leave this to chance and let’s make sure your partners are living up to your security standards.

  • Security assessment of your third-party vendors and data processors

  • Quantify your business risk and identify your highest risk partners

  • Proactively evaluate new vendors to ensure they will meet or exceed your security standards

  • Hold your third-party vendors accountable for their role in your security program

  • Protect your business and critical data no matter where it lives

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